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What makes generation Tik Tok... Tick?

Over the last three years, businesses and organisations have been heavily impacted by "The Great Resignation" and now the "Quiet Quitting" phenomenon.


While an increase in salary and promotions were effective retention strategies in the 1990's, generation TikTok's motivators look differently. The key to talent retention & attraction is to: FIND OUT WHAT THEY WANT. It's a simple enough concept, but hard to discover what people really want. That's why DreamCraft was created.


When you know what each individual wants, and are clear on what the business wants, it creates a WIN:WIN. Everyone can move together in the same direction, leading to:


Greater job satisfaction & talent retention


Increased productivity, output & revenue


Competitive edge for recruiting & attracting new talent in your industry

DreamCraft can work one on one as well as facilitate hands-on workshops that aim to have all team members define their wants and dreams visually & be able to articulate this with those around them. If you'd like more information, contact us & we'll be in touch shortly.

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Register yourself or your workplace for our FREE "PROCrushinator Challenge"

Who will be kicking procrastination to the curb & become master action takers?

In my career I'm...




Working a job that I'm looking forward to a break, a vacation/holiday, or retirement, and counting down the days until them?



Doing a job, a career, or mission that I can’t wait to do, I hope I do as long as I can do?

Whether A. describes you to a tee and you know you have something more inside to give OR you're B. and wanting to take your career and vision to new levels, DreamCraft is here to help.


We'll meet you where you're at, and work together with you to build out what you WANT so you can run headfirst into building a fulfilling career or expand to new heights. As everyone is unique, we invite you to contact us to explore options available.

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Your Creative Facilitator

Chani Hislop, DreamCraft Co-Founder

Chani has over 10 years experience working in the corporate arena, including leading regional teams and managing state-wide services. During this time, she's sat on both sides of the interview panel, supported and nurtured a young team to progress their careers as well as through re-structures, program cuts and the passing of fellow colleagues. While other departments were under tense budget pressures, Chani was able to successfully gain approval for new positions and recruitment to these to continue expanding Allied Health services for the Riverland community. She's facilitated team planning and building sessions as well as state-wide forums and delivered presentations at national healthcare forums. After leaving the healthcare system, Chani worked within a high performance team with one of Australia's leading personal development companies, to now becoming Co-Founder of DreamCraft, helping individuals build their dream life & career while supporting businesses attract and retain aligned talent.

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