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Schools & Families

Do you know what your kids or students want?

What does that mean or look like to them?


1. Activate

We are all a genius in our own unique way, naturally wanting to express this. When untapped, unrecognised or unnurtured, it can come across as being disengaged, a trouble-maker or "acting out". Unlock and tap into their superpowers, so they can confidently engage in learning and express their genius

2. Excel-lerate


3. Carve Your Path

We’re currently living in a world of YouTube sensations, Influencers and Gamers making more money than many in corporate areas, now careers that weren’t even on the radar 10 - 20 years ago, or that were once deemed a “hobby”. As we see and hear more about new technology, artificial intelligence, how do we help prepare kids of today for careers that don’t even exist? To support them in carving their own unique career path and to follow their dreams? This program is designed to help students find and set themselves up to carve their own path in this world.

"Wholesome and purposeful mum & daughter time, working on goals rather than doing superficial things"


11 & 12 years old

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Experience Options (16).png

2020 & 2022

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Experience Options (16).png

"Thank you so very much Chani for an amazing time. We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon & your expertise got us all in creative flow.  We absolutely can’t wait for the next event" 

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